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    Cinnabon is a chain of American baked goods stores and kiosks formerly owned by AFC Enterprises, and, as of 2004, owned by FOCUS Brands, Inc. Its signature item is a large cinnamon roll, hence the name. It is also known for selling custom-blended and flavored coffees.

    Cinnabon first opened in the Seattle, Washington suburb of Federal Way, Washington on December 4, 1985 as a single bakery in the Sea Tac Mall. This bakery began by serving only its original Cinnabon Classic. Since this time, Cinnabon has evolved into a franchised company. The first franchise opened in August 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As of July 2005, over 600 other Cinnabon bakeries are in operation across the world.

    Cinnabon bakeries are traditionally found in high traffic areas, such as malls. In 1991, the first Cinnabon to be built outside of a mall was opened in Detroit's Wayne County Airport. Today, Cinnabon stores continue to be found in other locations such as military bases, universities, and theme parks.

    Cinnabon's "World Famous Makara Cinnamon" is used by Seattle's Best Coffee on a cinnamon flavored coffee. Pillsbury promotes that their Grands cinnamon rolls and Cinnamon Toaster Strudel are made with Cinnabon's Makara cinnamon.


    While Cinnabon first served only its classic cinnamon buns (known today as Cinnabon Classics), the franchise's menu has expanded greatly to serve the following products:

    . Cinnabon Classic - the original Cinnabon cinnamon roll.
    . Minibon - a small version of the Cinnabon Classic.
    . Caramel Pecanbon - a classic cinnamon roll topped with caramel and pecans.
    . CinnabonStix - sticks of baked danish pastry dough covered in cinnamon and sugar.
    . Cinnabon Bites - an even smaller, bite-sized version of the Cinnabon Classic, packaged in a portable sleeve.

    . MochaLatta Chill - a beverage consisting of a blend of chocolate and coffee over ice. Also available as a Chillata.
    . CarameLatta Chill - a beverage consisting of a blend of caramel and coffee over ice. Also available as a Chillata.
    . Chillatta - a frozen beverage. Available in Chocolate Mocha, Tropical Blast, Caramel, Strawberry, Cappucino, Strawberry Banana, Cotton Candy, Pomegranate Banana, Chocolate Raspberry, Red Passion Fruit, and the newest: Cinnabon Cinnamon, Chocolate Mint, and Gingerbread. (flavors are subject to individual franchisee participation and availabilty)
    . Coffeelatta - A mixed coffee drink topped with whipped cream. Available in Cinnabon Cinnamon, Chocolate Mint, Gingerbread, and the newest, ToffeeNut. Gingerbread is only carried at some Cinnabons around December, as it is though of as a "Holiday Drink".


    CinnaPacks are pre-packed boxes of cinnamon rolls available for customers to take home with them. Cinnapacks are cooled down, but have heating instructions on the back of the package. Microwaving is more suggested than warming in an oven. CinnaPacks come in the following assortments:
    . 4-Pack - four classic cinnamon rolls
    . 6-Pack - six classic cinnamon rolls
    . 9-Pack Mini - nine Minibon cinnamon rolls
    . 15-Pack Mini- fifteen Minibon cinnamon rolls
    . Combo-Pack - two classic cinnamon rolls, two PecanBon cinnamon rolls
    . 4-Pack Pecan - four PecanBon cinnamon rolls


    . Cinnabons are made in what are known as rolls (rolled up dough). Dough is first flattened out and carefully stretched into a specific height and width. The Dough is then covered in butter and a special "mix" (brown sugar and Makara cinnamon) is then spread onto the dough, sticking to the butter. It is then rolled up, measured, and cut up into 12 cinnamon rolls which are usually divided between two pans. The rolls are then proofed and baked. Minibons are made almost the exact same way, but the flattened dough is cut horizontally to make two smaller pieces of from which 15 minibons are cut making 30 total. Right after baking, sweet cream cheese frosting is spreaded on top of the rolls to melt with the heat.

    . Cinnastix initially come as danish pastry sticks. A mixture of butter and vanilla extract is then "painted" on, the sticks are put in a container of a cinnamon and sugar mixture, twisted and put on a pan to cook.

    Pop culture references

    . On Saturday Night Live's skit "Goth Talk," Chris Kattan's character Azrael Abyss works at Cinnabon.
    . In the DVD release of Comedy Central's Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale, there is a segment called the "Case Against Cinnabon"
    . In the book series Animorphs, Cinnabon and cinnamon buns are an obsession of one of the main characters, Ax.
    . In the deleted scenes of Borat's film, when pulled over by traffic police he claims that he has eaten 15 Cinnabon, which has caused upset around his digestive track.
    . In the TV Show "My Wife and Kids" Claire says something about her mother scarfing down 2 Cinnabons when they were at the mall.
    . Web Comic Penny Arcade often makes references to Cinnabon in its strips.


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